Coinverti Network - May Transform Advertising

Coinverti Network -  May Transform Advertising

Coinverti Advertising Ambitions

Widespread acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrencies means more business opportunities tied to the blockchain application. Coinverti is the latest startup to sense a business opportunity when it comes to advertisement of cryptocurrency focused businesses. The startup is now planning to make it easy for people to monetize their websites. Coinverti casts itself as a crypto advertising agency, looking to generate some value on the advertisement front. While the likes of Google and Facebook pay attention to the mainstream sector on advertising, the startup is choosing its battles carefully.

Over the past year, the cryptocurrency craze has touched almost all corners of the world. What this means is that more people are spending more time on screens just trying to understand what cryptocurrencies are all about. With more eyeballs, online reading and exploring cryptocurrency content presents a unique advertising opportunity. Coinverti is planning to set itself apart from the competition by offering a complete solution for publishers. Providing support for various types of ads is one of the startups primary goals. By doing so, the company hopes to offer the freedom of joining multiple ad networks for different ad units.

Some of the ad formats supported include static banner as well as the mobile banner. Support for desktop and mobile pop-up ads is also there. The crypto ad agency is promising publisher’s 100% advertiser revenue as it will only take a small withdrawal fee. Payments requests can be made anytime from as low as 0.001BTC.

What Advertisers Can Expect

Since its inception, the cryptocurrency advertising agency has enjoyed strong interest from the community thanks to its user-friendly GUI. The fact that firms network supports various advertising formats from CPM, CPC to CPA as well as pop has also seen it reach out to a bigger crypto audience. One of the reasons why Coinverti stands out in reaching out to advertisers has to do with the fact that it has a self-serve platform. It also boasts a much larger crypto related audience that advertisers can take advantage of for marketing campaigns.

Advanced Targeting Options, as well as Anti-Fraud Systems, are some of the other features that make the platform stand out. Coinverti also promises to only count real ads that visitors have actually seen to help improve conversion and monetization. Crypto related network is another feature that makes Coinverti stand out. Advertisers will be able to pay as little as 0.001 BTC for ads as the startup promises fast payments backed by a real-time reporting system.

The crypto advertising agency also promises to help advertisers generate high-quality crypto related traffic. To do so, the startup will help advertisers create highly structured persuasive internet marketing campaigns. The startup also promises to help advertisers convert traffic generated by their marketing campaigns into bitcoins. To advertise a bitcoin business with Coinverti, all one needs to do is create an account by following a small link in the website.

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